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Variety Comes to Your Deck, Courtesy of Wood Benches

Wooden benches are considered by many to be classic accessories. For some people, "classic" is synonymous with "elegant." But others think that "classic" means the same as "boring". Regardless of the ideas that come to mind when you think of the best modern wood bench, these pieces can add variety to your deck. The following ideas offer easy ways to incorporate variety and wood benches into your patio design.

For small decks, your best bet may be to find storage benches. These are a subclass of wooden benches. They look like boxes with hinged lids. The interior, of course, is hollow to allow you to store various items. The tapas then serve as seats. Many storage benches also include cushions for more comfortable seats. These multifunctional parts help you make the most of your space.

For new or previously stained decks, you can consider a variety of stain colors. (I would not recommend staining if you have previously painted because it takes a long time to remove all the paint and get a smooth finish with your stain.) Of course, choose coordinated colors, perhaps one for the floorboards, one for the railings, and one for any other decorative accessory. 

Stain each bench with one of these colors or incorporate all the shades on each bench. Be sure to check the compatibility between the stain color and the original shading of the wood. The richer woods in colors will slightly limit the shades you can select.

Use wooden benches to create a conversation section. If you enjoy direct eye contact, place two benches facing each other. Alternatively, you can place them at right angles to each other and place a side table or planter in the corner between the benches.