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Tips For Buying Hi-Visibility Printed Uniform

If you work in an environment where visibility is essential, then you'll need to wear some kind of Hi-Vis Workwear. You'll recognize them with their reflective tabs on the garments. For example at road constructions, it is highly required the uniform with high visibility so that one can know at a distant far that construction work is going ahead.  You can get personalized hi-vis screen printing on the uniform for your employees by contacting the dealers who work with screen printing.

Tips while picking up high visibility workwear: 


Ask yourself what type of protection you need? Are you working in conditions where you need protection from foul weather? Do you need the full outfit or just a Hi-Vis layer to keep you visible?

There are so many choices when you are going to purchase a Hi-Vis uniform like vests, T-Shirts, trousers for summer and a jacket, Bomber Jacket for winter. 

 hi vis screen printing on Uniform

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You should be very clear about the quantity of Hi-Vis uniform you will be needing. In some companies you will notice the prices on single garments are better whilst others will offer cheaper prices when buying in bulk. 


You can find Hi-Vis garments in a wide range of colors. Yellow & Orange tend to be popular colors but you can also find Red, Blue, & even Pink Hi-Vis garments.


If you need your Hi-Vis Work Wear printed or embroidered, then you'll find it easier to find a supplier that offers this within their service. Some companies supply pre-printed Workwear, like Security Jackets with "Security" printed on the back.