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Rules of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is the latest growing sport. It requires two opponents and a board with a target and 5 circles on it. In this game, each player will have to throw the axe 10 times and in the end, the one who will score more after these 10 hits will be the winner. But the turning point in the game is the 10th hit because each player can score 10 points in that 10th hit. 

There is a bonus ball that is given to each player on the 10th hit. During the 10th hit, the coach will do a countdown starting from 3 to 1. If your axe will reach the target before the second player’s axe leaves his hand, the second player will be given 0 points. You can learn and play axe throwing games via

I built a WATL regulation size axe throwing target in my back yard ...

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Touching Line: If you throw an axe and it lays between 2 rings, then the player will get the points according to higher valued ring.

Stick and Stay: Your axe has to remain stuck on the target so that you can the scores. If your axe falls out before it is retrieved, you will be scored 0 points.

Oddball Throw: If you wonder if the axe hit the target with the backside of the blade? It is an oddball throw and happens very rarely but the score still counts.  The player will be awarded the points according to the hit.