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Every Business In Vermont Needs Disaster Recovery Plans

Computers are the life's blood of almost any business. They are used to do the scheduling, billing, keep contact lists, etc. This is why every business needs a disaster recovery plan.

Putting together a disaster recovery plan can be a long and complicated process, but it can easily be broken down into four major areas. Each one of these areas is highly important and is absolutely necessary. You can also get the best disaster recovery in Pittsford VT via online sources.

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As a business, you need to take stock of what you have on your computer systems. This includes hardware, software, optical media such as CDs and DVDs. Take all of this information and put it into a spreadsheet. Be sure to include serial numbers and access keys for all of your software and hardware.


This is the most essential part of a disaster recovery plan. You absolutely positively must have your data backed up somewhere. You could utilize a remote backup service, or you could backup to physical media and store it in a safe location such as a safety deposit box.

Action Plans

Have a plan of action in case of a disaster. Be sure that everyone has an assignment of what they are expected to do in the case of an emergency. Run drills at least once a year just to make sure that everyone knows their role.


During, or after the disaster implement the plan. There are sure to be problems along the way because no one can predict exactly what is going to happen. Be ready to make these adjustments and go so far as to expect them, because they will happen.