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Best Alternatives for Event Catering in Noosa

These days people are very conscious about their health and like to eat only healthy and low calory food. We have also seen that most people look for low-fat food even in wedding functions. You can also visit for the best event catering service.

Salads would be the obvious alternative to oily food, but also a healthy option. Speak with your caterer about integrating seasonal, fresh fruits, and vegetables to make amazing salads. 

Think vibrant leafy greens such as mixed lettuce, rocket, and lettuce, in addition to berries, carrot, cucumber, mushroom, capsicum, and peas. 


It's possible to create any salad exciting with seasonal summertime touches such as cherry fruit, berries, or edible flowers.

A sandwich dish is just another ideal alternative to have a good percentage of fats, fiber from whole grains, and nourishment from fresh vegetables catered in your event. 

Whole-wheat or whole-grain bread or bread rolls are healthy choices for highly-processed bread. Speak with your caterer about what they can do to create or supply fresh food in the function. 

Tinned fish is another great choice, as it is well-drained and spoonful of oils or brine. It’s better to speak with your caterer regarding what will be better according to your event (like serve on the table or keeping tables ready). 

To get healthful food catered you need to speak with your caterer about the cooking process, to make sure that little oil and fat are utilized to prepare the meals.