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How To Install Linux Lite Using Etcher

Linux is getting very popular. There are many reasons for this popularity. For example, Linux is an open-source operating system and therefore you don't have to pay for it. And also when compared to other operating systems, Linux is much less prone to viruses and malware. In today's guide, we'll show you how to install Linux Lite on a USB flash drive with just a few clicks. Actually, there are plenty of different Linux distributions to choose from, but the process is the same. 

You have to have a few things with you before preparing the installation media. Obviously, you need a USB flash drive and the operating system itself in ISO format. You can easily download the Linux Lite ISO file directly from its website. If you are going to use a different operating system, then you may have to visit its official website to download the ISO file. When downloading ISO files, always make sure to download them from the official website. 

Other than these, we need special software to make our USB flash drive bootable. These types of softwares are called bootable USB creators and there are plenty of them to choose from. But for this guide, I am going to use a software called Etcher and I urge you to do the same. Etcher is an open-source utility software that allows you to prepare installation media easily. Etcher is based on Electron and therefore you can use it on any platform. You have to download Etcher from their website and install it on your computer.

Once Etcher is installed, the rest of the process is very easy. All you have to do is launch Etcher, plug the USB flash drive and then locate the ISO file that you've downloaded. At this stage, you have the option to select either you want a Live USB or a Bootable USB. If you select Live USB, you will have the ability to boot your computer using your USB flash drive. But if you want to install the operating system directly on your computer, then you have to go with the Bootable USB.

To start the process simply click on the "Start" button. In this process, your USB flash drive will get formatted. Therefore, make sure to backup your USB flash drive if you haven't backup it. Once the process is completed, Etcher will display you a notification and then you can safely remove the USB drive. After that, you can use this USB drive to boot your computer.

Linux Lite

WordPress Website Development Is The Need Of The Hour

Do you wish for your digital marketing to expand?Do you want to understand what WordPress website development is? What is hurdling you from introducing your site? 

In case you do not discern how to build your website with the help of WordPress then here are tons of web WordPress tutorials available. If you want to explore regarding the best website development in Abu Dhabi then search the browser.

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If you are perplexed with acronyms such as content management systems, search engine optimization, and HTML and these hurdles you from going ahead with your website creation then, allow me to tell you that WordPress is astounding software that allows you to build your website devoid of any knowledge of these terms. Allow us to find out how

What do you know about content management systems?

To put it simply, the content management system splits the ciphering as well as the development of an online site from the contents. Furthermore, for the concluding user, a content management system allows them to amend their website content – such as headings, pictures, content, as well as links without comprehending what site programming is. 

WordPress is one of the best content management system

As compared to a great deal of other CMSs, along with WP it is pretty easy to find out. And for one occasion you comprehend the art of employing WP, editing is extremely simple. This is noteworthy as, like many of the entrepreneurs, you moreover don't have much time available and resources or proficiencies to employ to keep up your website state-of-the-art. But with the help of WordPress web development services, you can easily do that.