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Add Bike Lanes or Not – Big Debate For Cycle Riding

One of the ongoing debates is about cycle paths. There are many good reasons to have good reasons. The goals are shared. 

Many cyclists want to be safer on the road for which they are paying for their preferred mode of transportation. If you are looking for a company to get bike lane markings then you can click at:

4 Benefits of Adding Protected Bike Lanes That May Surprise You

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One reason is that the bike path reinforces the rider's mind that the bike belongs on the highway. You will look at the screen and understand that this part of the journey is for motorbikes and you know it. 

Those who disagree with bicycle lanes say that this only adds to the impetus that bicycles should only ride on specially marked roads. If a road is unmarked, drivers consider it unsuitable for bicycles and do not observe it on unmarked roads.

Proponents of bicycle lanes argue that having these paths will at least ensure that some of the roads are good and smooth. The city government can ensure that this section of the road is free of potholes and other hazards. 

One thing both sides have to do is keep the bike path on the left side of the road. Some cities, for one reason or another, have added bicycle lanes leading to the oncoming traffic. This puts cyclists at greater risk, which is not a positive decision.

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