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Top choices for Holiday Accommodation in Melbourne

Premier Luxury Hotel and Residence

With a huge enough budget, you can book luxury accommodation in Melbourne and get the finest rooms, services, and amenities in Melbourne. For your visit and tour around town, you can hire limo service or use the hotel transfer services. In this article you can get the best information about riverside apartments in Melbourne.

Top choices for Holiday Accommodation in Melbourne

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 You can also shop in the most prestigious fashion boutiques in town. You can also choose a luxury hotel in the Crown Entertainment Complex.

Federation Square Hotel

There are more than a dozen hotels in Federation Square that are comfortable and close to the popular establishment. From the bar and bistro to the malls and shopping complexes, you can easily go around the city without traveling far from your hotel. There are art galleries, tourist attractions, parks and gardens, and various events at Federation Square.

Dandenong Ranges

If the quaint and secluded place is what you are looking for, maybe for a romantic getaway or a trip away from the busy city life, you can enjoy the cold weather and private cottages and bed and breakfast in the Dandenong Ranges.

Yarra Valley

Wine tours are abundant in the Yarra Valley, which is just a quick 1-hour drive from Melbourne. Many tourists visiting the Ybarra Valley to learn about wine, do a wine tasting and enjoy a sumptuous meal with the best wines of Australia in the city.

Many wineries in the Yarra Valley have converted their estates to hotels and bed and breakfasts to invite more tourists to stay overnight instead of just day wine tour. Family and group accommodation is also welcomed.

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