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Taste Wine like a Professional


When it comes to wine tasting, for a beginner it may be a little confusing. There are wine professionals who undergo courses allowing them to learn different types of wine tasting. However, you can still taste wine with the help of strong taste buds, nose along with strong vision to differentiate the different types of wine. These are a few tips and tricks to taste wine like a pro.

  1. See it with your eyes – Once you pour a fine glass of wine, the first thing you do is look for the clarity and color of the wine. After this you can check the color more intensely by tilting the wine glass away from you. If you’re tasting a red wine, then you need to check whether the wine has got a purple, ruby or brick-like, maroon or brownish appearance. As for white, follow the same procedure and check for amber, light-green, brown, pale yellow appearance.
  2. Smell it with your nose – Our nose provides a lot of help when it comes to tasting wine. You can taste the wine by swirling the glass twice. First, swirl the glass for 10 seconds allowing the alcohol to evaporate and release its natural aromas. Second, check for different aromas of the wine such as berry, citrus, oak, vanilla or flowers.
  3. Taste it with your mouth –After tasting the wine with your eyes and nose, tasting with your mouth is the final stage. Gulp down the wine to understand the contents such as alcohol content, tannin levels, sugar levels. You must also try to find whether the wine has any form of fruity flavors along with the wine’s different bodies.

With these tips, try taking wine tours in Perth and other parts of Australia to understand more about wine.