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The Marketing Component Of Web Design

When thinking about web design, it should have three components: the look and feel of the web site, the technical aspect so the site works properly and the marketing component which is what will attract and keep you reader and sell your product.

Many consider the marketing component to be the most important one since it is the part that will bring your customer to your site and get them to spend money.    So, think carefully about what you need the site to do.      What information will your reader be trying to obtain?     As a web designer (see for further information) this key fact means a range of things, please allow for me to clarify further.   Will your audience some to your site with specific questions, wanting specific answers?    Will they be looking for a research tool?    Whatever the reason, you need to catch their attention almost immediately.    If you cannot hold them for 8-10 seconds, you will probably lose them.

Make a list of what you think your customer will want to find.    Are they looking for information?    Do they need a quick fix to their problem?   Are they shopping for a bargain?   On the other hand, do they want a large selection?    Do they want a phone number so they can call and speak with someone?     

Pretend you are your own customer.    Why would you come to your web site?    What information (or product) are you looking for?    The quicker you can provide your visitor with the information they want, the better the chance of your visitor staying on the site.    

So how do you do this?    Your visitor is at your site because they do not have all the information they need to make a decision about their purchase.    Your goal is to help them with that decision.    Provide information in a context that is easy for your customer to understand.    Give them some insight as to why one product (yours) is better than another.    Encourage them to take action by telling them to click or to call.

Proper marketing in web design is extremely important to its success.    Be sure to take the time and think carefully about what your goals are before getting started.    The result will be much more satisfactory.