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Tag: Trucking Services

Brief On Goods Handling Units

The first step is to prepare the shipment pick-handling unit that allows for your items to be transported efficiently and safely. A handling unit is regarded as a forklift-ready preparation of items. Often, the slot where the forklift and pallet jack is inserted under the item called "plagiarism". 

In many cases, however, large items need to be loaded on a flatbed truck can only be lifted into a truck with a forklift or other unloading and moving equipment as a piece and fastened to the right platform (and may even be covered with tarpaulin for weather protection). You can get more knowledge via where you can see the various services provided by trucking company. 

In the general case when you need to palletize delivery, the most common standard palette enough to accommodate the handling of the item, but the following is an extensive list of delivery types handling units:


It is also known as the glide, is the platform of a forklift-maneuverable, the standard size to 40 "x 48" or 48 "x 48" (length by width) and most commonly consist of plywood, although metallic palette and most often used. They are usually around 40 pounds of weight. One can easily find them behind most retail stores or shopping centers. 

The general rule when loading pallet you are not trying to stack pallets any height of 6-8 feet. Shrink wrap and / or rope and then used to secure items to pallets. We always recommend items to be covered with cardboard boxes. 


It is a plywood or wooden box around the items to secure them from damage.