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Is Thumb Sucking Bad for My Child’s Teeth?

The body's natural instinct to suckle at birth is a strong one – so strong in fact, that a newborn infant can feed on the breast just minutes after being born. However, most parents quickly find out that the urge to suck goes well beyond the need for sustenance.

It acts as a natural soothing mechanism to get babies and young children through such things as colic, teething pain and even lull them to sleep. To stop a child from sucking thumb, you can use thumb guards which you can purchase online via

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Thumb-sucking has been a hot topic of debate since the beginning of time. Wealth expert opinion has run the gamut from "always let the child as his mother if she would like" to "never let a child sucking his thumb."

Although most children outgrow the need for comfort sucking their thumb or pacifier, sometimes parents have to intervene and help stop child habit. When a parent must step in? If the child is embarrassed by sucking in daycare or pre-school or if dental problems start showing up, it's time to step in.

If your child uses a pacifier, your job is a little easier because you can take it away during the times you don't want your child to have it. Kicking the habit of thumb sucking is a little harder just because you cannot take the thumb off. By offering lots of praise and encouragement, and even reward you for not sucking his thumb, it should not take long before he felt less and less inclined to comfort suck.