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Tag: Business Cards

Designing an Impressive Business Card

Good business cards are an important part of a good marketing strategy. Because of its size and cost, it must be the most profitable part. Obviously, you cannot expect your business card to be shared with all the stories about your company.

What is available to do is there are experienced images that people will remember. Business cards can make or break the first impact of clients from your respective business. You can also look for custom shaped card designs at

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When creating a design, start with the design and style that best supports the business image you want to project. To give you a start; here I will discuss some different card styles that you must consider:

Simple card: Simple cards are usually printed in black ink on white or cream stock. This is an excellent style to choose from when the utility might be what you need.

Photo card: Bring your face to your own card – whether it's a photo, picture or even caricature – helps the message remember that when the affected person sees you.

Responsive card: Some cards are distinguished not too much because when they are like because they believe it. They may use nonstandard materials, such as wood or metal, and have unusual shapes, edges, folds or embosses.

Multipurpose card: Cards can do more than advertise your name and business – cards can also function as discount coupons, meeting reminders along with other functions.