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Information Related To Different Types Of MMA Gloves

If you have just started your MMA training sessions then you need to have in-depth knowledge about boxing gloves. There are many types of boxing gloves and every type has its own specification.

Training/bag gloves

They're specially crafted for training; however, their flexibility and usefulness are often adapted to any sort of training. Click this link to buy the best quality MMA gloves.

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Sparring Gloves

The purpose of boxing gloves is to protect you and your partner in combat, not to knock them out. The combat gloves and training gloves are slightly similar but are distinguished by the softness of its padding to reduce shocks.

When selling sparring gloves, the weights vary considerably. It is recommended to use only 14 oz or more, depending on your weight.

Amateur boxing gloves

In amateur boxing tournaments, a particular manner of gloves is offered to the fighters. These gloves are generally colored blue or red, depending upon the fighter’s corner.

Professional gloves

These boxing gloves are specially constructed to be used in the professional contests, and also provide hand protection. Normally the padding is a lot firmer, which makes gloves bigger in size and more streamlined. Professional boxing gloves are not really suited for regular training. They are normally used in professional fights. Professional gloves are always lace-up properly.